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Kevin Dick, M.S.

Certified Economic Developer

Kevin Dick, M.S.

I was named President & Chief Executive Officer of the Carolina Small Business Development Fund in February 2020. Under the first year of my leadership, the organization responded quickly and aggressively to the needs of small businesses by providing financial assistance to over 1,000 small businesses throughout the State and deploying over $13M in loan and grant funds. We also assisted over 200 businesses with coaching technical assistance.

Over my career, I have held senior positions with the City of Charlotte, Durham Office of Economic and Workforce Development, the Durham Workforce Development Board, the Broward Workforce Development Board and the City of Dania Beach, Florida, in addition to private sector marketing and sales experience positions in New Jersey and Delaware. My accomplishments include developing, implementing, and administering a variety of workforce development, neighborhood-based economic development, and small business capacity-building programs. Initiatives under my leadership have been nationally recognized by the Alliance for Innovation, Progressive Planning Magazine, the National League of Cities, U.S. Conference of Mayors, Walmart Foundation, the U.S. Department of Labor, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the National Civic League.

I hold a Master's Degree in Urban and Regional Planning from Florida Atlantic University and a Bachelor of Science Degree in International Business from Georgetown University. I have also been designated as a Certified Economic Developer (CEcD) by the International Economic Development Council. Originally from Montclair, New Jersey, I enjoy spending time with my wife and daughter during my spare time.

Whitney Gregg, M.S., NCC, LPC


Whitney Gregg, M.S., NCC, LPC

I am Whitney Gregg, a licensed Psychotherapist and Certified HeartMath practitioner in Fayetteville, North Carolina. I have over 8 years of experience as an outpatient therapist, a Military mental health research assistant, and an engaged local mentor. I knew at a very young age that I wanted to work in the field of mental health care and pursued psychological studies as early as high school. My interests were specifically centered around children initially. As I moved through my undergraduate program I realized I wanted to have a private practice and work with adults and families as well.

Prior to graduation from Fayetteville State University with my Bachelors, I decided to pursue my Master's Degree in Mental Health Counseling to better equip me in my long-term goals. I attended Capella University for my Masters in Mental Health Counseling. During my graduate studies, I assisted in a research Study to Assess Risk and Resilience in Service Members (Army STARRS). I was exposed to a number of service members with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a result of my participation. My experience living on or near a military base coupled with my experience assisting trauma patients influenced my decision to focus on trauma treatment for both civilian individuals and service members.

My primary areas of expertise include Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Anxiety Disorders. I've presented at local symposiums and general audiences on the topics of Caregivers Support, Communication Skills, Substance Abuse in the Workplace, and Stress Management to help improve the understanding of mental health care. I am an interactive, solution-focused therapist. I pride myself on having a therapeutic approach which provides support and practical feedback to help my clients effectively address personal life challenges.

I am aware of the needs of service members and their families and I intend to reduce the stigma around counseling. I have a passion for improving mental health care in both military and civilian communities. I shared information during an interview regarding child abuse in military families and how the stigma around counseling impacts the family. I am on a mission to make a difference in the lives of my clients and assisting them in living the life they want.

Whitney Gregg, M.S., NCC, LPC
National Certified Counselor
Distance Credentialed Counselor (DCC)
Certified Clinical Military Counselor
Tricare Certified Mental Health Counselor
Certified Telemental Health Practitioner

Independently Owned Fayetteville Office
1404 Raeford Road
Fayetteville, NC 28305
(910) 212-4441 (Office)
(844) 965-9504 (FAX)

Scott Hartley

IT Specialist/Marketing Coach

Scott Hartley

I am the President/CEO of Calibre Computer Solutions in Princeton, Indiana. Our team specializes in providing IT support for residential and small business clients, including hardware sales and service, software sales and service, computer troubleshooting, and network installation. We provide the best-in-class antivirus protection, guaranteed to prevent even the most damaging of virus infections on the Internet today.

I am also the Marketing Coach/Founder of MasterPlan4Success. I help overwhelmed and stressed out business owners get (and keep!) more customers and double their revenue, all while working fewer hours.

In my free time, I am actively involved on the executive board of the Gibson County (IN) Chamber of Commerce and play piano and keyboard at Bethel Memorial Church. I also enjoy reading, traveling, and getting outside in nature.

Kimberlie Wade

Interior Designer

Kimberlie Wade

I am a professional Interior Designer and alumnus of the University of North Carolina Greensboro, where I completed both my undergraduate and graduate studies in Interior Architecture. I offer over a decade of professional experience to my clients, colleagues, and aspiring designers. My diverse work portfolio as an interior designer includes contract design work, residential sales & design, serving as a design educator at the collegiate level, residential and commercial design consulting, product design, scenic design, and commercial furniture specification.

My design work has been showcased and featured at the 2010 Design Arts Technology Symposium, 2011 Southern Entrepreneurship in the Arts Conference, 2013 Phillips Collection Design Competition, and 2016 Spring Highpoint Furniture Market, as well as published in the Wall Street Journal Online.

During my tenure as an Interior Design Professor, I cultivated an entrepreneurial mindset in emerging designers and championed community engaged projects. As a respected leader and design advocate, I continue to align myself with reputable design organizations and my knowledgeable design peers, while still mentoring future design leaders.

My clients include talented individuals and thriving organizations, like yourself, who value the expertise of a seasoned designer and desire a collaborative design experience. I create a continuous dialog with each client project, while fine-tuning the interior elements and personalizing the environment whether it is for a family or a corporation. Both clients and colleagues appreciate my eye for detail and my sensitivity to balancing projected budgets and accomplishing a valuable design aesthetic. Each project is designed with a classic, yet modern design approach that results in an interior environment that incorporates on-trend design with timeless design characteristics.

You can connect with me on my Instagram page @chell_design, view style ideas on my Pinterest page at pinterest.com/chell31/, or send your email inquiries to chelldesigngroupstudios@live.com.

Nicholas Chamberlain MSW, LCSW

Child and Family Therapist

Nicholas Chamberlain MSW, LCSW

My family and I were born in New Orleans and moved to North Carolina after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. My parents believed that this state would provide my brother and me with the educational and professional opportunities that we deserved in a more affordable, clean, safe, and supportive environment. Long story short, they were right! We have been blessed with all of those opportunities to grow and learn across the state, and I personally have to thank Sharon McCormick for helping me along the way.

After graduating college with a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology from UNCG, I moved back home with my parents. Some people might think that one would have felt a huge sense of accomplishment and hope for the future but it was not that positive for me. After leaving my close friends, the distractible comforts of an entertaining college atmosphere, and coping with a lingering heartbreak, I was lost and not ready for the journey ahead of me. I knew that a psychology degree would be the background required for having a career in counseling but I was clueless as to the next steps or options. I did, however, keep delivering pizzas and making enough money to pay for gas and a gym membership...

My mom encouraged me to reach out to Sharon at the most perfect time in my life. Sharon helped me to understand my educational options or career paths, to develop and apply to schools with a professional resume, but she most importantly pushed me to gain my confidence again. For that, I could never thank her enough. I was accepted by NC State School of Social Work and obtained my MSW. I was able to build more quality time with my family, commute to school from home, and develop lifelong personal and professional relationships within Wake County. After having numerous volunteer experiences and internships in clinical social work, I graduated with the confidence to apply for and work anywhere that I wanted.

I refused to get the same jobs in Raleigh or the nearby counties that all of the students in my cohort were applying for because I didn't see myself happily thriving in that area for the long haul. I worked that summer and fall as a basic Wilderness Guide in Asheville, NC and fell in love with the culture and slower pace lifestyles of the rural counties in the mountains. Since then, I have worked in numerous clinical positions doing child and family therapy, am certified in trauma therapy and MST therapy, and have completed all of the requirements for my LCSW. Most recently, in April of 2017 and early 2018, I knew that I was ready for new job opportunities to be a happier and more developed professional so I reached out to Sharon again and she delivered!

I should have written this post a long time ago because I knew that I had to attest to her role in my life. I cannot speak highly enough of Sharon's broad, yet refined optimistic approach to helping someone reach their educational, career, or social goals. I always find myself recommending Sharon to my friends and family whenever I hear them feeling stuck in the same educational or professional limbo that I was in. Thanks for reading and I hope that you all find the same sense of personal and professional accomplishment that I have!

Carletha Hill

Child & Family Parenting Expert and Community Leader

Carletha Hill

My name is Carletha Hill, and at 14 years old I became a teen parent. Since becoming a parent, I have always been inspired to complete college and give back to my community by helping other young mothers. I met my husband Willie Hill as a teen and we got married at age 21 and now we have three children together. We became mature adults at a very young age and became devoted Christians.

After completing high school, I went to St. Petersburg College where I completed my Associate's Degree and an Applied Technical Diploma for Maternal and Child Health in 2004. I began working as a childcare provider, and later I started working for Healthy Families Pinellas, a child abuse prevention program. While working in Healthy Families, I was able to give back to my community and motivate young women to accomplish any goal and become great parents. It felt really good to inspire, motivate, and mentor young pregnant women. My husband and I became counselors in our local church and through there we brought many families into our home to help them become self-sufficient, break drug habits, and prevent teen pregnancy. We believe God has always called us to mentor His people where there was a great need. I met my good friend and mentor Sharon McCormick at Healthy Families in 2001, and we became instant friends.

As a Career Counselor she has always motivated me to complete my college degree and to continue doing the great work that I do. Sharon is the most inspirational person I know. She is not only a great friend; she is an excellent Career Counselor. She has supported my daughter while she has been in college and helped her to be accepted in internships to be trained for her Finance degree which she completed at Florida State University in April 2016. After completing my degree at St. Petersburg College, I transferred to University of South Florida and entered the Public Health program. My goal is to complete my degree and to continue working in the community to help young mothers to be great parents.

Christian Adams

Social Work

Christian Adams

I never envisioned myself as a social worker as I planned for a career out of high school, I had every dream of becoming an attorney. I was accepted to attend Campbell University and was set to begin fall of 1992, however as a new wife and mother taking care of my family took priority. From these humbled beginnings, I began to show one of the primary elements of a model social worker - helping/taking care of others.

As I continued into adulthood, it was my ongoing desire to help others that lead me to enter the undergraduate social work program at East Carolina University in August, 2006. I completed my undergraduate studies and earned my Bachelor's Degree in Social Work by December 2008. While earning my Bachelor's degree I interned at the LWG Intergenerational Community Center in West Greenville, NC. It was during this time that I began to develop a passion for macro level social work but more specifically for program development. I collaborated with other social work students and helped to develop a shoe box Christmas Program that provided over 300 children in West Greenville with Christmas toys that year. The shoebox Christmas program has continued on each year thereafter and each year is bigger than the one before.

After graduating with my bachelors, I was hired to work as a community social worker at the LWG Intergenerational Community Center. I continued to gain more understanding of how important it was to be diverse in both macro and micro level social work, so I applied to the advance standing social work program at East Carolina University. In May 2009, I was accepted into the program and graduated in May of 2010 with my Master's Degree as outstanding senior with a 4.0 GPA. During my graduate studies I interned as a community social worker with Kinston Community Health Center, in Kinston NC. I worked with the migrant outreach program. I took on many social work roles during this time such as educator, broker, facilitator, and case manager. For myself, this was yet another way I was able to make a difference in the lives of others.

It was after graduate school that I began to view myself as a clinical-community social worker. I learned to utilize both my clinical skills and community engagement skills to help others understand the multiple layers of social influence on family's lives. It was important for me to share with others my belief that inclusion of both clinical and community engagement skill sets along with building strong relationships would be imperative to creating success to transform the lives of those social workers help.

Today, I currently serve as the Triple P Program Supervisor at Durham County Department of Public Health where I am the lead specialist over regional services for Durham & Alamance Counties. I work closely with community stakeholders and practitioners across multiple disciplines to implement one of the world's leading parenting programs and I also provide direct parent education to caregivers with children birth to 12. I have over eight years of social work experience as this point in my career in the following areas, community organizing, case management, parent education, and program implementation. I hope I have demonstrated through my own career that social workers can work in many different roles within many different agencies. I continue to tell those I meet, I didn't choose to be a social worker, but that it was my destiny to be a social worker from birth!

Christina Gammon

Web Design, SEO & Social Media Strategist

Christina Gammon

Christina Gammon started her career in web services in 2008. Unexpectedly, during her pursuit for a Bachelor's degree in Information and Library Science, she left her career path to care for loved ones. The decision was easy but her love of learning remained. As an outlet to the strains and stresses of caregiving, she began freelancing as a web designer and polishing her skills.

Completing various courses in online research, web design, HTML and business applications led her down her continued path of web focused work. And in 2012, when her caregiving circumstances changed, Christina branched out to do full time web design.

As the Internet has changed, so has the needs of small businesses. Christina believes in helping small businesses achieve big goals by offering her services and expertise in an affordable way. And in 2015 she branched out her Web Design services to include Social Media Strategizing and Search Engine Optimization.

Over 8 years have passed since making her career change and she's never been happier. She professionally works with over 20 different small businesses in a wide range of markets. From landscaping to rental property companies to career counselors to ice cream companies and professional builders, she really takes the time to understand the goals of each individual client.

Christina Gammon lives in Southern New Hampshire but has clients all across the country. She enjoys what she does and it shows. Her career path has truly made her a career hero. If you are interested in the services she provides, please contact her at christina@here2helpservices.com.

Cassie Stockamp

Healthy Living Expert, Business & Community Executive

Cassie Stockamp

I'm not sure if I'm a career hero, but I have definitely been on a career journey and through that journey I've learned that it's not a linear process. I've gone from being an entrepreneur owning my own construction company to becoming a non-profit exec running the Athenaeum Foundation, a cultural institution in Indianapolis.

I've also learned, no not just learned - experienced - the sensations and understanding associated with finding a career that brings joy and realizing that my job no longer feels like a mere job. I've learned to be more intentional with the way I live as a result of this career journey and have had some amazing opportunities flow from it.

In my current position I have had the fortuity to interact with professionals that run major organizations that run/impact the City. Because of those connections I have been able to start an event that not only feeds my soul, but has become a well-recognized event in the City. Monumental Yoga brings over 3,000 people together on an annual basis to celebrate the summer solstice under a banner of love and unity!

Transit is becoming an important piece of the social climate in our City, and somehow I got appointed by the Mayor to the Regional Transit Board and then became Board Chair. As I leaned into this position I became aware of the many facets of it including my desire to lesson my carbon footprint. After a period of contemplation, I decided and did sell my car relying on multi-modal forms of transportation including my bike(s), bus, Uber, Blue Indy, rent and borrowing.

I am grateful for my friends and neighbors that support me in this effort as it is not an easy one in a City that lacks a robust mass transit system. Thank goodness the shared economy is alive and well!

My other "jobs" bring me such joy that I often forget that they are considered jobs. I teach yoga 3-4x a week and derive so many more benefits than just the paycheck! I also am an AirBnB host which is also joy filled. I have had over 200 guests from around the world and have had 100% good experiences. I love to share the magical stories and experiences I've had as a result and remind people it's an industry based on trust! Try it...

I'm dreaming about 2018 - the year in which I plan to take off and volunteer my way around the world with the assistance of an amazing internet resource called WorkAway. I will use this site to connect me to volunteer opportunities that are doing amazing work and opening my eyes to even more incredible ways to live.

Enough of my ramblings. I wish for you a life full of "yes" and joy!!

Tameka Davis

Financial, Human Resources & Office Management Professional

Tameka Davis

Tameka Davis is the Office and Accounting Manager at the prestigious North Carolina Conservation Network. She also oversees Human Resources functions there which she really enjoys.

Before that, she served as a finance professional with the Wake County Courthouse in Raleigh, NC. She entered and monitored probation cases into the courthouse database and she researched, prepared, and completed a detailed unclaimed funds report for the North Carolina State Treasurer. Tameka also helped victims of crime receive restitution funds. At that job, she is most proud of tirelessly researching and finding the correct and current addresses to mail restitution documents to victims.

Tameka received her B.S. from North Carolina Agricultural & Technical University and majored in Business Administration and Management. Upon graduation, she accepted a Manager position with Walgreens Drugstore, where she was a key contributor to boosting employee retention and performance management through her coaching skills.

Tameka enjoys helping the public and having a direct impact on her community as a volunteer. Additionally, her volunteer experience with the Lucy Daniels Center taught her how to bring awareness to problems within the community, and raise funds to be allocated to community programs. In her free time, she enjoys reading about Human Resources trends and spending time with family and friends. She can be contacted via LinkedIn.

Silvia Liboon

State Accounting & Tax Professional

I have always had very many diverse interests. Two years of drafting in high school and a lifetime-long fear of thunderstorms led to my passion for knowledge about the weather. I applied to two completely different programs at different universities. For one school, I chose Architectural Engineering and for the other, I chose Meteorology. Once I found out I was accepted into both programs, I ultimately chose the university setting I thought would work best for my personality.

Within my first semester, I knew I had chosen the wrong major and started doing more career research to see what piqued my interest. I have always had a knack for analyzing figures and decided to major in accounting. An opportunity for a double major presented itself, and I decided I'd broaden my knowledge and (hopefully) future opportunities by complimenting my Accounting degree with a Finance degree.

After graduating from college, it took six months to land an hourly position at a distribution center. From there, I was able to land a position at UNC-Chapel Hill and learn the ropes of university financial operations. Although I did not stay long, I was always grateful for this position for introducing me to budget management and the benefits of working for the state!

I went on to work for the North Carolina Department of Revenue. I never would have dreamt when I first started that I'd be there for nearly 10 years! I learned so much about tax research, the art of dealing with the public, and the ins and outs of the spectacularly complicated tax code.

My role as a tax auditor introduced me to many other skills as I was occasionally assigned to special projects along the way. These projects exposed me to software testing, IT project management, the opportunity to do more complex analyses, business process engineering, procedure documentation - and countless other business functions.

It was at this point in my career that I came to Sharon wondering how I could advance. I felt like I had obtained numerous skills, but also felt like I wasn't quite sure how to present myself to make sure the world knew what I had to offer. Thankfully, Sharon was able to help me pinpoint my strengths and develop a plan to strengthen my weaknesses.

After working with Sharon, I was able to start my current position with NC Department of Public Instruction. I am learning so much here and know I'll be able to advance my current skills as well as develop new skills. My story is far from over as I look forward to someday earning my MBA and launching a successful business of my own.

Patrice D. Wilkerson, M.B.A.

Author, Business Co-Owner, and Employee

Patrice D. Wilkerson, M.B.A.

Sharon asked me to write about how I achieved success. Here is my story: For as long as I can remember, I knew that I wanted to be successful. I had always wanted to be a teacher but when I got into high school I enjoyed my Accounting classes so much that I decided to become an Accountant. I knew that whatever I did I was going to be successful. In my thirty-one years of living, I have learned that everyone can be successful if you work hard, have a positive attitude and a strong support system.

Being successful was important to me because I wanted to make my parents proud. My parents have been influential in the success that I have gained so far. I saw how hard my parents worked just to provide for me and my siblings. This taught me that if you really want something in life you have to work hard for it. I knew that if I wanted to be an Accountant I would have to work hard and get an education. My first year in college was hard for me because I had to get adjusted to being on my own. My parents encouraged me to stay in school and not give up. They taught me that all things are possible with God on your side. I took their advice and I graduated in four years with a degree in Accounting. After graduating college, I had a hard time trying to find a job. Here I was with this Accounting degree and I am jobless; however, I never gave up. I wouldn't stop until I found a job.

Months went by and I finally got a job working at a Call Center. This was not in my plan but I needed a job to make money. I didn't let this discourage me.

After I got home from work I would get on the computer and look for jobs because I knew this is not where I was destined to be. So I worked hard and still sent out resumes every day to different companies. Within two months I was employed at another job with benefits. I liked this job and I set a goal of climbing up the ladder because I wanted more responsibility. Within a year I was promoted and I owe all of this to working hard and setting goals. Throughout all of this, my brother and I decided to start our own company called Wilkerson's Business Support, LLC. It is a business support service that provides administrative services to businesses and individuals. We knew we wanted to be entrepreneurs and we didn't stop until our dream came true.

Having a positive attitude has helped me in being successful. I knew that drugs, alcohol and negative people would definitely destroy the plan that I had set forth. I like being around people that share the same goals that I do because they push me to be better. I like being around people who believe in me and will support me in everything that I do. I learned to never listen to people when they say you can't do something; that should motive you even more to achieve that goal. I also learned that there will be obstacles that may stand in your way of achieving your goal but you have to press on and turn that negative into a positive.

Five years ago, I lost my father who was my best friend. It was really hard to cope with this but I wanted to turn my hardship into a championship. I had always love writing poems and I had a dream of writing a book of poetry. So I figured why not write a book of poems and dedicate it to my father. His untimely passing taught me that if you want something in life go for it because you never know when it is your last day on this earth. So I published a book of poems and decided to name it "Through It All, I'm Going to Make It." Through my pain, I was determined to continue to make something of myself. I didn't stop there; I decided to go back to school to get my Master's Degree in Accounting. I graduated in 2011 and I knew that my dad was smiling down from heaven.

God plays an important role in my path to success. He is my support system. He has opened up so many doors for me and I truly give Him all the glory and praise. I can remember when I didn't have a job, I would pray to God every day and sure enough I got a job. I can remember when I was working at the Call Center, I prayed to God for a better opportunity and He made a way. All dreams are possible just give it to God.

So, would I consider myself successful? If you define success as accomplishing your goals, then I would say I am successful. I have set goals and I have accomplished them but there is always room for improvement. I always push the bar for greater things. I have more in life that I want to accomplish and I look forward to finding my calling in life because that is the point where I would consider myself successful. If I continue to work hard, have a positive attitude, and keep God first in my life then it will certainly happen.

Harriet Thompkins

The First African-American Female Warrant Officer, United States Coast Guard Reserves

Harriet Thompkins

I met Harriet in St. Petersburg, Florida, and Harriet is one of those people who impresses you immediately. She is an outstanding leader and member of the community who has served her country. Harriet Thompkins made history by becoming the first African-American female Chief Warrant Officer (CWO) in the United States Coast Guard Reserves in 1996.

She began her career 19 April 1975 when she enlisted as a Yeoman Third Class under the direct petty officer program. Her first duty assignment was at Station Port Canaveral, Florida. In 1978, she transferred to Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington DC to work on a special project in Cutter Maintenance Division. During her tour of duty at Headquarters, she was advanced to Yeoman Second Class after ranking Number One on the promotion list.

In 1981, her civilian job moved her to Miami and she reported to Base Miami Beach for duty. Later she was transferred to Marine Safety Office Miami. Her job again moved her to the Tampa Bay Area and she reported to Station St. Petersburg for duty. In 1986, she was advanced to Yeoman First Class.

In 1991 she was among the first females to undergo the age-old initiation rites into the ranks of Chief Petty Officer. During that time, she received her master's degree from the University of South Florida (undergraduate degree from Florida A&M).

In 1996, she was promoted to Chief Warrant Officer and reported to Group Charleston, South Carolina for duty at the Assistant Administrative Officer until her retirement. She also produces and hosts an award winning TV show on Access Pinellas. She has published a book of poems and an inspirational CD.

Gina Swanson

Advocate for the Elderly & Director of Activities Superstar!

Gina Swanson

Hello. My name is Gina Swanson, and I have been achieving my strong ambition and passion for the healthcare field for most of my life. For the last 9 years, I have made a name for myself as a dedicated, compassionate, and knowledgeable health care professional at a number of assisted living facilities. I have coordinated the planning, development, and implementation of varying levels of activities for many residents, especially those suffering from Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia. In addition, I have maintained therapeutic relationships with patients and their families, encouraged other residents to learn positive coping skills, and served as co-facilitator of the Alzheimer's Association. I currently serve as Assistant Director of Activities in long-term care at New Bridge Medical Center.

In 2009, I received a Bachelor's degree in Public Health at Montclair State University where I earned a 4.0 GPA. Then I obtained certifications in Medical Billing and as a Home Health aide. I later returned to school to advance my career and earned my Master's in Healthcare Administration from Felician University in 2015. My thesis topic was "Improving Education to Produce More Empathetic Caregiving." By 2018, I had also earned Activity Director Certification and Medical Aide Licensure.

Countless residents have benefited from my services over the years. I have provided food, comfort, and program schedules for assisted living facilities and routinely went above and beyond to organize and conduct activities for up to 40 residents at a time. My activities specialize in sensory stimulation, arts and crafts, sing-a-longs, and themed celebrations. I'm always excited to reach out to assisted living residents and fascinated when I get to know their stories and make a difference in their lives.

Nick McCormick, M.B.A.

Health Care Consultant and United States Army Veteran

Nick McCormick, M.B.A.

Mr. McCormick advises life sciences clients on commercial and policy issues. He applies his background in healthcare policy and reimbursement to ensure clients understand how policy and commercial changes impact their business.

Prior to joining Avalere, Nick worked at Todd Strategy, performing research on the 340B Drug Pricing Program and analyzing barriers to biosimilar adoption.

During his M.B.A. program at Indiana University's top-ranked Kelley School of Business, Nick interned with the world-famous Eli Lilly & Company in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Nick leveraged his Army service into serving with the United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations and Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, where he learned and subsequently utilized his in-depth legislative and policy experience.

Prior to his work in Washington, DC, Nick spent 5 years of honorable active duty in the United States Army, including a deployment to Iraq in 2008. He distinguished himself in the Army by exceeding expectations in every one of his assigned jobs, resulting in being hand-picked to serve in progressively responsible leadership positions.

Nick has an MBA and a BA from Indiana University.

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