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Career FAQs

The following is a sample of typical questions Sharon addresses successfully for clients:

  • How long should my resume be? One page or two?
  • I am not getting any calls for interviews. Is something wrong with my resume?
  • I am over 50. Will I get hired?
  • How can I get a job in another state?
  • I am unemployed. How can I still look valuable to an employer?
  • I was fired. How do I explain that to future employers?
  • How do my qualifications stack up against my competition?
  • How do I get Human Resources to see me as a High-Potential Employee?
  • What if I don't want to accept a job for less money than what I make now?
  • Why doesn't my company offer me another job during the downsizing we are undergoing?
  • What happens when I e-mail out my Resume to a company's career site on their website?
  • Why do I have to "create an account" to apply at each company's career website?
  • What does Human Resources do once they get my resume?
  • Should I put colors, pictures, and graphics on my resume?
  • What do I say in a cover letter?
  • How do I negotiate salary?
  • How do I get into the Leadership Development Program at work?
  • I only want the manager to look at my resume. How do I bypass Human Resources?
  • My company counteroffered once I accepted a position for a competitor. Should I take the counteroffer?
  • My previous boss and I did not get along. How do I explain that in an interview?
  • I don't have a bachelor's degree. What are my job prospects?
  • What graduate program should I chose?
  • I have small children at home. How do I explain that I need flexible hours?
  • I have a disability. Do I have to disclose that on an employment application?
  • I need a job. What strategies can I executive immediately to get hired?
  • What do hiring managers look for in job candidates?
  • How do I assess job fit in an interview?
  • I think a company should see my value from my resume, so I don't want to change anything, is that okay?
  • How do I move up in my company?
  • The company I ran went bankrupt, and I need a job. How do I make that a positive experience that I can share with future employers?
  • I interview but I never get an offer; what am I doing wrong?
  • I was denied unemployment. Can a company do that to me?
  • My spouse has to relocate for a job. How can I get hired in a new city?
  • My industry is now gone. How do I get a job in a new field?

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Sharon McCormick offers the full range of cutting-edge career services for serious career / job seekers from entry-level to executive. Whatever your career aspirations or goals are, her services will support you and propel you forward.